Properties of Metal Carving Board

2021/03/15 16:31

1. Reduce energy consumption and save resources. The house building with metal foam cement board wall can greatly improve the heat insulation effect of the wall. It can reduce energy consumption by more than 45% compared with the engineering buildings without metal materials. In summer, it can greatly reduce the energy transmitted from the external wall of the solar radiation source to the room, thus reducing the energy consumption of radiator and air conditioning, protecting the main project, and increasing the life of the building;

2. The actual effect of decoration design can be compared with that of aluminum alloy plate and dry hanging stone. The surface decoration design surface can be processed into a variety of colors according to the requirements of customers, which can achieve the actual effect of aluminum Shuo board and even imitation wood, marble and other building decoration materials;

3. The heat insulation board made of metal material is durable. It is not sensitive to wind and rain erosion and environmental pollution, and has a good self-cleaning ability. Generally, it is not sensitive to smoke and dust environmental pollution, and has a good self-cleaning ability. Generally, it can be cleaned as new by water cleaning. Walls that have been used for more than 20 years abroad are still relatively new;

4. The weight of the commodity itself is light (3.7 kg / m2), only about 10% of that of other kinds of heat insulation methods, which greatly reduces the weight of the structure itself and makes the transportation and installation convenient;

5. Because the air layer between the metal thermal insulation board and the wall can adjust the humidity of the wall, it can effectively avoid the mildew phenomenon in the room of the building with external thermal insulation;

6. It has a wide range of applications. It can be used in new and repaired buildings, public buildings and civil engineering buildings, and it does not need to carry out tedious pretreatment on the walls of buildings;

7.Industrial automatic assembly line production with high quality and stable performance, and the qualified rate is over 99.9%.