How to select the insulation core fabric of insulation decorative board?

2023/01/30 17:39

As a key thing of new housing production, the integrated board of thermal insulation and ornament design is warmly welcomed by using the income marketplace as it integrates ornament design, thermal insulation, energy saving and intake reduction, and with decrease value, it is able to attain the real impact of constructing curtain wall decoration layout. how a good deal do you know about the thermal insulation substances you pick out?

In addition to ornamental artwork, the hearth resistance, warmth insulation, moisture resistance and fireplace resistance of the middle board of the wall insulation ornament layout device have to be considered in its satisfactory. subsequent, we can introduce the choice of wall insulation substances for you carefully across the insulation middle board (eps, graphite polystyrene board, polyurethane material, rock wool board, and so forth.) used by tianyang.

1. fireplace resistance score in current years, the emergence of several building insulation fire injuries has aroused the contemplating the network at the fire prevention of thermal insulation substances. the hearth balance performance of thermal insulation substances has aroused the attention of all sectors of the industry. fire resistance score of bad exceptional thermal insulation materials (rock wool board): non combustible facts. fire resistance grade b1 (graphite polystyrene board): flame retardant insulation cloth. fire resistance grade b2 (eps, polyurethane): combustible thermal insulation substances, also referred to as flame retardant substances, are basically organic thermal insulation materials, with appropriate quantity of flame retardant added. fire resistant grade b3: flammable thermal insulation materials, which are frequently polystyrene foam based totally substances for thermal insulation materials.

2. thermal insulation thermal insulation performance is one of the key residences of the included panel. the thermal insulation of homes is the important thing thing of strength saving, living surroundings and application characteristic. on the basis of actively taking part in china's "energy saving and consumption discount" policy, tianyang series thermal insulation decoration layout incorporated panel actively develops new thermal insulation substances and conforms to structural thermal insulation and power saving, and emphasizes the practical utility of thermal insulation materials, design and engineering production in step with the standard specifications, with a purpose to comprehensively improve the thermal insulation performance and reduce the cost. graphite polystyrene board is a classic thermal insulation cloth, polyurethane foamed polyethylene, that's similarly refined by means of chemical approach. its warmness switch coefficient is much less than zero.032. its thermal insulation potential is extra than 30% higher than that of regular eps, which is conducive to enhancing energy intake and decreasing carbon dioxide emissions. eps insulation board maintains the advantages of traditional foam board with small heat switch coefficient and big warmness garage coefficient, and has correct warmth insulation effect. polyurethane insulation board has the traits of high thermal resistance, low linearity and low growth ratio. the closed cellular rate of its shape reaches more than 99%, forming a vacuum layer, fending off air flow and warmth dissipation, and ensuring the stableness and balance of its thermal insulation overall performance. rock wool insulation board is manufactured from basalt and different iron ore as the key uncooked materials, that's melted into chemical fiber at excessive temperature, then solidified with appropriate amount of adhesive. it's miles a new kind of fireproof board with sturdy hearth resistance.

3. dampproof inside the issue of dampproof, as the warmth switch coefficient of the thermal insulation material will growth after soaking up water, the material with low water absorption or no water absorption ought to be decided on for the thermal insulation core board to keep away from the boom of warmth switch coefficient because of the water absorption of the thermal insulation fabric. because the molecular structure of polyethylene does no longer soak up water, the molecular shape of eps insulation board is strong and has no gap, which solves the troubles of water leakage, water seepage, frosting and condensation of other substances. after melting at 1450 ℃, rock wool insulation board is centrifuged into chemical fiber by using advanced 4 axis centrifuge