How to achieve "heat preservation, decoration, energy saving" trinity insulation board?

2021/08/12 14:59

Insulation integrated board, also called energy-saving, thermal insulation and decoration integrated board, is an insulation and decoration system placed on the surface of a building's exterior wall, consisting of a bonding layer, an insulation decorative finished board, anchors, and sealing materials. In addition to the performance advantages of thermal insulation, beautiful decoration, energy saving and fire prevention, it can also effectively protect the main body of the building from natural factors. It can be said that the advantages of the integrated thermal insulation board are summarized as high-efficiency thermal insulation, beautiful decoration, environmental protection and energy saving.

Advantages of thermal insulation integrated board:

1. Efficient insulation

The integrated thermal insulation board adopts the external thermal insulation scheme of the external wall. Because the thermal insulation layer is placed on the outside of the building envelope, it buffers the stress caused by structural deformation due to temperature changes, and avoids the structure caused by rain, snow, freeze-thaw, dry, and wet cycles. Destruction, reducing the erosion of the enclosure structure by harmful gases and ultraviolet rays in the air. Facts have proved that as long as the wall and roof thermal insulation materials are selected appropriately and the thickness is reasonable, external thermal insulation can effectively prevent and reduce the temperature deformation of the wall and roof, and effectively eliminate the common diagonal cracks or cracks in the top horizontal wall.

2. Strong decorative

In addition to the stable heat preservation and fire protection function, the integrated thermal insulation board can be used for various common decorative effects in the market, such as real stone paint finish, water-in-water colorful paint finish, natural stone finish and so on.

3. Green

The factory production, modular operation and on-site construction of the integrated thermal insulation board meet the requirements of modern green energy saving and environmental protection. According to my country's building energy-saving development plan, the thermal insulation integrated board has an energy saving of 75%, which fully meets the national green energy-saving development indicators. It can be said that the thermal insulation integrated board is also a green and environmentally friendly building material.