Properties Of Metallic Carving Board

2023/01/30 17:26

1. reduce power consumption and shop resources. the residence building with metal foam cement board wall can substantially enhance the warmth insulation impact of the wall. it could lessen energy intake with the aid of more than 45% as compared with the engineering homes with out metallic materials. in summer season, it could substantially reduce the power transmitted from the outside wall of the sun radiation source to the room, as a result decreasing the strength intake of radiator and air con, shielding the primary undertaking, and increasing the existence of the building;

2. the actual effect of decoration design can be in comparison with that of aluminum alloy plate and dry placing stone. the floor decoration design surface may be processed into an expansion of colors in step with the necessities of clients, which can achieve the actual effect of aluminum shuo board and even imitation wood, marble and different constructing decoration materials;

Three. the warmth insulation board made of steel cloth is durable. it is not sensitive to wind and rain erosion and environmental pollutants, and has an amazing self-cleaning potential. typically, it isn't touchy to smoke and dust environmental pollution, and has a good self-cleansing capacity. generally, it could be wiped clean as new via water cleaning. walls which have been used for more than two decades overseas are still extraordinarily new;

Four. the load of the commodity itself is mild (3.7 kg / m2), only approximately 10% of that of different forms of warmth insulation strategies, which greatly reduces the weight of the structure itself and makes the transportation and set up handy;

Five. because the air layer between the metallic thermal insulation board and the wall can modify the humidity of the wall, it could correctly keep away from the mold phenomenon inside the room of the constructing with external thermal insulation;

6. it has a wide variety of programs. it could be used in new and repaired buildings, public buildings and civil engineering homes, and it does not need to carry out tedious pretreatment at the walls of homes;

7.industrial automated meeting line manufacturing with high pleasant and stable performance, and the qualified fee is over 99.9%.