Technical Advantages of Sandwich Panel

2022/03/07 17:07

One time molding, good performance.

1. The plate is divided into external wall board, internal wall board and indoor wall instead of gypsum board and roof board. The external wall thermal insulation decorative board is also known as external wall thermal insulation board, external wall board and metal curtain wall board. It is a kind of external wall thermal insulation decorative wall board, which is made of high-quality galvanized board, printed color coating and thermal insulation materials.

2. the length is L or less than 4500 mm, the width is B300 mm - 1000 mm, the thickness is 60 mm - 120 mm. The thermal insulation decorative board refers to the composite board of insulation board and decorative board. The decoration layer mainly consists of stone, aluminum plate, imitation stone, fluorocarbon coating and thin porcelain plate, and the insulation layer mainly consists of rock wool board, polyurethane, genuine gold plate, extruded plate and foam board.

3. Wire mesh products are divided into welded mesh, steel mesh, mesh cloth, steel mesh, steel mesh, steel mesh, mesh cloth and corner protection mesh. Welded mesh is made of low-carbon steel wire through row welding, and then passivated and plasticized by cold plating (electroplating), hot plating, PVC coating and other surfaces. The mesh is flat, uniform, firm solder joints, good local processing performance, stability, corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance.