The Advantages of Heat Preservation and Decoration Integrated Board

2021/03/15 16:35

The advantages of thermal insulation decorative design insulation board are introduced in detail. There are not many people who are not professionals in this kind of board. Here, we will briefly introduce the thermal insulation decorative design insulation board. In fact, Board is widely used, not only in new buildings, but also in old buildings. Thermal insulation decorative design insulation board is composed of adhesive layer, thermal insulation decorative design finished board, external wall rock wool board, rubber seals, etc.

There are many construction schemes, which are suitable for various types of public buildings, as well as wall insulation of residential buildings; they are suitable for buildings in cold regions in the north and hot regions in the south.

The advantages of thermal insulation decoration design are as follows:

1. Thermal insulation board is a kind of thermal insulation and decoration design system which is placed on the surface of the building wall. It has good thermal insulation effect and long-term, less thermal bridge effect and good energy-saving and thermal insulation effect.

2. From the control system design, to the purchase of key raw materials and supporting materials, to the full automatic production and manufacturing process of purification workshop, to the node thermal bridge treatment, to the engineering construction details, the insulation board is carried out according to 65% energy-saving building design regulations, which has more heat insulation and heat insulation functions than the traditional energy-saving and heat insulation engineering construction method. The insulation board integrates building and heat insulation.

3. The insulation board has good reliability. The components of the similar insulation board are similar or close to each other according to the organic chemistry or physics methods such as bonding, mechanical equipment, etc. Therefore, even in the harsh natural environment, it can ensure the reliability.

4. The heat preservation board has the function of breathing without air pressure. It must have the technical nature of breathing. Under the premise of firm air pressure, it can prevent the accumulation of internal moisture and the medium level of defects in the process of high temperature and low temperature change, so as to avoid the risk of heat preservation board

5. The construction difficulty coefficient of insulation board project is low and the construction period is short

6. Thermal insulation board is the most important, and six prevention measures are put forward.