How are sandwich panels installed?

2022/04/09 15:48

Sandwich panels are easy and quick to install. From practical experience, installing 600 m2 of sandwich panels takes approximately 8 hours for a proficient construction crew.

The steps to install wall and roof sandwich panels are as follows:

1. The construction materials are delivered to the site: the delivery includes sandwich panels, the subframe components (cold-formed shapes), and accessories (including flashing, fasteners, gaskets, seals, etc.). Balex Metal can provide all the components required to complete the installation process.

2. The materials delivered by the carrier are unloaded with construction handling equipment.

3. The subframes are assembled, and installed with beams, posts and purlins.

4. The protective film is removed from the sandwich panels.

5. The sandwich panels are fastened to the subframe structural members using suitable fasteners.

6. The joints between the sandwich panels are sealed and the flashing is installed.

How many screws do I need to fasten a sandwich panel? This is the most common question from customers at the project preparation stage. A rough estimate is 1.1 fasteners per square metre of sandwich panels. The actual number, spacing and layout depend on the decision of the project design engineer and/or the construction material supplier.