How to do Waterproofing When Metal Sculpture Board is Applied?

2022/10/20 11:10


Metal sculpture plate has very excellent performance, affordable price, loved by people. The following is to talk about the metal carved panel project construction should pay attention to several issues. Everyone should do a good job of preparation before the waterproof board paving.

1. First of all to solve the problem of paving the wall, and residue and other sharp objects.

2. When welding in the middle of the flashing, attention should be paid to the middle of the main hall wood grain metal plate shall not have water, oil and dust.

3. The main hall wood grain metal plate laying began, at this time should be laid along the same direction, the middle of each piece of fast flashing first melt after pressure.

4. When paving, do not have to pull too tight, should leave a corresponding amount of expansion and contraction, so that it is integrated with the deformation of the substrate. In this way, you can avoid the water seepage caused by the cracking of the board.

5. A layer of sand or clay is laid on the welded wood grain metal plate in the main hall for maintenance. So far, its whole construction process has been completed.