Thermal Insulation and Decorative One-piece Panels

2022/11/02 10:15

If the seam of extruded plastic board is larger than 2mm, use polyurethane foam seam. The heat insulation ability of extruded plastic board is higher than that of rock wool board, but the fireproof ability is second to it.

This insulation and decoration one-piece board has closed honeycomb structure, which makes XOS extruded plastic board has good resistance to compression strength. Therefore, it can be considered in the long-term insulation of the inner wall insulation material without applying the inner insulation material.

XPS extruded panels are better than EPS polystyrene panels by embossing and grooving.

The gap between the board and the board should be tight, and if a thin gap is produced, it needs to be glued with special tape. Otherwise, the insulation board will simply fall off and affect the future construction.

If you want to insulate the inner wall, choose extruded plastic board insulation decorative one panel. EPS polystyrene panels are placed directly on the interior and exterior of the building and do not take up space and are easy to use. Extruded plastic and benzene panels offer higher functionality and higher cost.