What is the performance of phenolic board insulation and decorative one-piece board?

2022/11/02 09:36

The performance advantages of phenolic board insulation decorative one piece board are as follows:

1.Excellent fire performance

Phenolic insulation decorative one piece board with dry building exterior insulation, basically can reach the national fire standard A level, fundamentally reduce the possibility of fire, the use of temperature range of -250 ℃ ~ 150 ℃.

2. Outstanding effect of heat preservation and energy saving

Phenolic insulation decorative board has good thermal insulation properties, its thermal conductivity of about 0.023w / (m - k), far below the current market commonly used inorganic, organic exterior wall insulation products, can achieve higher energy-saving effect.

3. Wide range of uses

Phenolic board insulation decorative one piece board can not only be used for the traditional exterior wall insulation system, but also can be used for the construction of traditional EPS/XPS/PU exterior wall insulation system fireproof isolation zone, as a curtain wall fire insulation materials, fire door insulation materials, as well as low temperature or high temperature occasions of fire insulation materials. More suitable for high temperature more than 50 degrees workshop plant.

Second, phenolic insulation decorative one piece board disadvantages:

1. easy to pulverize, brittle, construction inconvenience

2. The cost of traditional insulation materials than some high

Through the above understanding, the choice of phenol board insulation decorative body board should also be considered from all aspects of its performance advantages, as far as possible to avoid the shortcomings of its performance advantages.